Saturday, 11 September 2010

Chapter One: POLKA DOTS

Nobody knows who invented the polka dot or where it came from exactly. The name  was used in a magazine as early as 1873, and was strangely related to the dance with the same name. The dance and the spot have nothing to do with each other but were apparently in fashion at the same time, hence: the polka dot.

It's a very simple thing really. Just a spot, nothing more. Yet since it was born it has been in fashion practically non stop, and it's everywhere! Furniture, kitchen utensils, clothes, shoes, bags, wallpaper, tablecloths and rubber duckies. Whatever you can think of, it exists somewhere covered in polka dots. 
It might have something to do with the strange versatility of the dot. It comes in all sizes, colours, frequencies and even (very experimental) in different shapes.

The dot was definitely very popular in the fifties, and is very often associated with that particular area. 
Marilyn Monroe

But it's not just a fifties thing; the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties have known polka dots to be in fashion at some point, and even in this decade they are still pretty 'hip'. In 2010 we have seen it on the runway and worn by celebrities of all sorts. 

Christina Applegate
Kate Moss
Katy Perry (Glamour)
Katy Perry

As seen in vogue

So if you're feeling ready for a polka dot right now. Here are some suggestions, all available at Bennies Fifties or online at You can go completely retro and vintage style or just combine a cute piece of polka dot clothing with something from your own closet. It'll be a guaranteed succes.

Betty Page, Bettie Dress

Deadly Dames

 Have fun!

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