Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Ann Lemmens in Jessica dress by Pinup Couture
This is about the Dutch version of SYTYCD. And it's a little more personal than the other pieces written down here: Because I loooove that show!!
The dancing is great, the dancers are great (finally a show where the contestants are not having a bitching contest between them), the judges (very hot..) and the presenters, all great. 
Having said that, we can now move on to what's really important: Clothes :).
The style of female presenter Ann Lemmens is very retro, vintage style, rockabilly, fifties or whatever you want to call it (again I love it!), and fits perfectly into the clothing that we sell at Bennies Fifties/Fiftiesstore.
In fact, she is sponsored by Pinup Couture which is a brand that is highly represented in our (online)store. 
So, watch this great TV show every sunday, check out Ann's outfit, be inspired and see what suits you at And, as ever most importantly, have fun!

Ann Lemmens in Deadly Dress by Deadly Dames

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